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Our name was changed effective February 2013.

Adding "Veterans" to our name is in keeping with other veterans organizations in Canada
and has been approved by Burma Star Association HQ in London (U.K.)

The Burma Star was a campaign medal of the British Commonwealth. It was awarded for service in the Burma campaign (1941-45) in World War II to men and women in the army, airforce, navy, and merchant navy. The Burma Star Association was officially formed in 1951.

The British Columbia Branch of the Burma Star Association was formed in 1988 (see About Us). This Burma Star BC website was designed and intended for members of the British Columbia Branch. Originally founded and funded by Joe Arblaster, the site is now owned and administered by the BC Branch.

The main purpose of this site is to highlight the activities of British Columbia (Canada) members of the Association, both during the Burma Campaign and today. Individual wartime experiences are recorded here, on the Members Pages, and are worth a visit. Some are exciting and rather heroic, others sad and poignant and still others are humorous - but all reflect the comradeship we shared and enjoyed in such atrocious times and under such abominable conditions.

Unfortunately, we do not have research to locate information about other Burma Star holders, past histories, or the whereabouts of forgotten family members. There are many such web-sites, mainly in the UK, where these searches should be directed.

The web-site for all Burma Star Association members (www.BurmaStar.org.uk) was originally operated and totally financed by member Paul Loseby. This very comprehensive web-site has extensive links to many military sites and official government information services. It is now administered by the Burma Star Association HQ in London.


Founded by Paul Loseby, this site is now administered
by the
Burma Star Association, HQ in London.. It includes
extensive links to military sites and government information services.

The Chindits were an allied Special Force in the Second World War. Formed and led by General Orde Wingate,
they were trained in Commando methods and fought behind enemy lines in 1942-44, operating in north Burma and relying on airdrops for their supplies.


Sponsored and supported by Michael Williams
this is the official Chindits website.

Chindits never die - they go to heaven and regroup
They have already been to hell!

Chinese Canadian Military Museum, Vancouver BC


Some other websites with Burma Star information include the following:


The Australian Dekho, is the official site of the
New South Wales (Australia) branch of the Burma Star Association:


Burma Star veteran, Mr. Hoyland "Bert" Barrack, made a veteran's tour of Burma in March 2005.
During the Burma campaign, he was a member of Major Charles Hoey's 1st Battalion, Linolnshire Regiment.
This website (made by the son) presents a magnificent photographic display of Burma and the Arakan
and its people as well as the renowned Taukkyan cemetery and the Rangoon Cemetery.

Canadians on Radar in South East Asia 1941-1945:
The Saga of the Seven Hundred and Twenty-three RCAF Radar Mechanics
who served with the RAF in South East Asia during World War II


By Angus Hamilton, and many of "Those Who Were There".
Note: Angus Hamilton cannot be contacted directly by e-mail;
however if you email R.Quirk he will forward it to Angus who will reply to queries
The original pdf file is approx. 25 megs, but it has been broken into smaller sections.
Please see the Table of Contents


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